Building Muscle on a Budget

Gym memberships, supplements and muscle foods all have one thing in common; apart from helping you look buff, they all come with a massive price tag. The fitness industry is a multi-billion pound enterprise and for good reason…everyone wants toned, visible muscles. But you can get all of this and only spend a fraction of […]

Easy Muscle Building Exercises

Getting to the gym and engaging in long term, effective muscle building is one thing, but many people cannot spend that much time in the gym, if at all, thanks to life’s commitments getting in the way. However, it’s not worth giving up simply because things are difficult; after all, nothing worth having comes without […]

The Top Muscle Gaining Foods

There is a lot of information out there on what foods help lose weight, but for those who want to build some muscle mass, it’s a little more complicated. There has to be a gentle balancing act between getting just the right amount of fats (and making sure they’re the right kind!) and also getting […]

Losing Weight on a Budget

One of the main issues a lot of people face when trying to lose weight is that it often has a massive price tag attached. This can come in many forms; gym membership, fitness equipment, physical trainers, and all manner of branded food and drink that is either part of a fitness plan, or contains […]

Which Diet is Best for Burning Fat?

There are hundreds of diets out there which either claim to promote general well-being or go one further and claim to actively burn off fat. You could take the easy road and go vegetarian or vegan, but what diets are out there that allow us to actively burn fat whilst enjoying our favourite food? The […]

Easy Fat Burning Exercises

Anyone who says finding time to go to the gym is easy is most probably either lying or has a significant gap in their schedule where there shouldn’t be one. The truth is that hitting the gym is understandably not a priority for most people, and if it is, slotting in at around work, family […]

Losing Fat With A Less Active Lifestyle

Many people who want to lose fat will quite wrongly assume that the only way they can shed pounds is to hit the gym, which, whilst partly true, is also somewhat of a fallacy. It’s definitely the case that gym goers have an easier ride, but for various reasons, a lot of us cannot get […]

Everyday Fat Burning Food and Drink

It’s all well and good getting to the gym, watching what you do and don’t eat and generally living a life based around keeping your weight down, but the fact is that many people make it a harder battle for themselves by missing out one simple extra step; consuming food and drink that actively helps […]

Exercising With Nausea

Nausea can put the brakes on pretty much any exercise routine. If you wake up feeling nauseous, the last thing you want to do is hit the gym and if it comes on mid-routine, such as when you are out for a jog, it pretty much kills everything dead in the water. Whilst getting to […]

Exercising When Terminally Ill

Perhaps one of the most difficult subjects to tackle is what to do with a terminal diagnosis. Effectively, being told there is nothing more that can be done can feel like there is suddenly a giant countdown timer hanging over you. It is very easy to fall into a trap of doing nothing and waiting […]